Hymns To st Jude

Hymns to St. Jude (Apostle of Jesus)
Apostle of Jesus
A martyr Saint of old,
The cousin of our Saviour
Of whom thy love hath told.
A writer of the Scriptures
With tongues of fire aflame
The worker of great wonders
In Jesus' holy name.
St. Jude tho' oft forgotten,
Thou shall remembered be,
We hail thee now in glory
And have resource to thee.
Your help for the despairing
When hopeless seems the task,
And from the heart of Jesus
Thro' thee our favours ask:
In sickness, strife and sorrow,
When fierce the tempest proves,
Our confidence now strengthen
And fear leads to despair,
Then list to our petitions,
St. Jude, O hear our prayer.
Hymns (O Holy Jude)